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Thursday, May 2nd
20:00-00:00 Milonga – Opening of the festival at HiCentrs (Maskavas St., 1);
Michael Daniels (Canada)

Friday, May 3rd
18:00-19:15 WS1 Mastering the music in tango\\in pairs\\ intermediate\advanced - HiCentrs (Maskavas St., 1)
20:00-01:00 Festive milonga Dance club "Vecrīga", Riga, Spikieru iela 5.
Yuri Bellicanta and Kate Miller (UK), Bo Gito Dalker and Susan Kranker (Denmark)
Claudia Sortino and Ilario Bailot (Italy)
TDJ: Jasmin Muranovic (HR/AT)

Saturday, May 4th
13:00 – 20:00 Argentine Tango Baltic Open Cup. More information on the website <>
20:30-01:00 Gran Milonga of the festival. Culture palace "Ziemeļblāzma", Riga, Ziemeļblāzmas iela 36
Shows of the festival: Alexander Desyatov and Maria Makarenko (Russia), Juan Martín Carrera and Stefanía Colina (Uruguay);
TDJ: Irina Nekrasova (St. Petersburg)

Sunday, May 5th
14:00-15:15 WS 2 How to dance to the vocal part in tango - In pairs; intermediate/advanced-"Vecrīga", Riga, Spikieru iela 5.
15:30-16:45 WS 3 Сhange of the dynamics in Vals \\in pairs\\ intermediate\advanced-"Vecrīga", Riga, Spikieru iela 5.
17:00-18:15 WS 4F - Women’s technique (featuring Stefanía Colina) \\All levels- HiCentrs (Maskavas St., 1)
17:00-18:15 WS 4L - Men’s technique (featuring Juan Martín Carrera) \\All levels-Dance club "Vecrīga", Riga, Spikieru iela 5.
!!! Additional lessons (HiCentrs, Maskavas 1)
14:00-15:15 N1 Original elements for the dancefloor. Combinations with gancho and boleo ( intermediate)-
(Alexander Desyatov \ Maria Makarenko)

15:30-16:45 N2 Adornos for the dancefloor for leaders and followers ( intermediate) -
(Artem Mayorov \ Julia Osina)
Festival closing milonga@HiCentrs,  Maskavas 1, Riga.
Shows of the festival: Artem Mayorov and Julia Osina (Russia)  
TDJ: Alexey Roschektaev (St. Petersburg) 

Monday, May 6th

13:00-14:15 WS 5  Giros & Creativity \\in pairs\\ intermediate\advanced- HiCentrs (Maskavas St., 1)
14:30-15:45 WS 6  Milonga Traspie \\in pairs\\ intermediate\advanced- HiCentrs (Maskavas St., 1)
17:00-22:00 Tango & asado - Tango party outside in the fresh air ( Registration »»»


1-2 lessons: 25 €\person
3-4 lessons: 22 €\person
5-6 lessons: 18 €\person
Additional lessons:
1 lesson: 12 €\person
2 lessons: 10 €\person
Thursday, May 2nd      10 €
Friday, May 3rd        20 €
Saturday, May 4th    Day milonga + Baltic Open Cup - 15 €
Saturday, May 4th  Gran milonga              20 €
Saturday pass             25 € (*Free for participants of Baltic Open Cup)
Sunday, May 5th         10 €
Monday, May 6th Tango&Asado - 15 €, transfer - 10 €
Milonga Full Pass - 60 € (including all milongas from Thursday to Sunday and full-day program of Open Baltic Cup)
Milonga Full Pass for participants of Baltic Open Cup- 35 €

Milonga Full Pass and Saturday pass purchase is available until 25.04.19 and only by registration via website.

*information about the place and price of asado-afterparty coming soon!