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For the 6th time we look forward to old and new tango-friends coming on regular international festivalito - 
        Riga Tango Fiesta 2016!

Tango celebration will occur at April 29-May 1th and we offer to you
* the second time in Riga workshops of famous Horacio Godoy and Cecilia Berra (Argentine); 
they will bring the exclusive course for Riga and pay special attention to the musicality
* charming shows on milongas from our maestros and special guests; 
* enchanting tandas from marvelous DJ’s;
* delightful hugs and bewitching dances on  3 Night milongas.

 * Riga Tango Fiesta will take place at the very centre of Riga, in 5 minutes from the Old city, bus station and train station. Our milongas and lessons will be in a hall with changing rooms, showers and possibility to live just around the corner (both in cheap, but new hostel and not expensive hotels). It means, as soon as you get to Riga from the airport, you don’t need to care about transport anymore . There will be a special tango-café on milongas, so you will not be exhausted and will have an opportunity to have that very tanda!

*Organizer of the festival  is one of the biggest Argentinian tango-schools in Baltic – HiTango (
and in the May,4 it celebrates its 9th anniversary

Riga as your tango trip destination:

Tango has happily been alive in Riga for more than 15 years; however, the last 5 years can be considered the most significant in forming today's Latvian tango society.  Here you can meet dancers from the most diverse tango streams – from ultra conservative to fusion, peacefully getting along on one dance floor and respecting each other’s space. 
In Riga in the city center milonga takes place practically every day, twice on Fridays and on Saturdays.

Lately, work upon the tango technique and the sense of tango has been done in Riga under the supervision of the most significant tango pairs of the world,  including Sebastian Achaval and Roxana Suarez (2011, 2014, at Riga Tango Fiesta), Christian Marqes and Virginia Gomez (2012, 2013 Riga Tango Fiesta), Riccardo Barrios and Laura Melo (2010, Tango Sun Festival; 2011), Adrian Veredice and Alejandra Hobert (2008, Tango Sun Festival), Sebastian Jimenez and Maria Bogado (2013, RTF), Sabrina and Ruben Veliz (2013) and many more.